The Web3 Portfolio Builder Bootcamp

A bootcamp designed to teach you how to build a Web3 portfolio while learning the skills of obtaining a high-paying development job (even if you’re starting from scratch)

Do you wish you had a better grasp of how Web3 worked?

When someone says Web3, they could mean many different things. Crypto, DeFi, Blockchain, NFTs, Tokens… the list goes on and on. In reality, Web3 is just an idea that’s made up. It’s what we use to name all of these fascinating, yet complicated concepts. All of this new technology falls under “Web3”, and it’s growing faster than ever. 

The concept of Web3 seems so confusing, even if you’ve been ‘in the trenches’ for a while. In fact, I’ve been explaining these technical ideas using fun analogies and simple stories through my Youtube channel WhiteboardCrypto. We have almost 1,000,000 subscribers! In short, I know that there’s a growing desire to learn what this world of Web3 offers… and everybody wants in!

So, what if you could actually understand what all this new stuff was? What if you knew how it worked ‘under the hood’? Do you think you’d have an upper hand in picking which projects succeed? Maybe you could even develop your own project…

Is there a dApp idea or tool you wish you could build?

Here are some applications that are very simple in concept, but have collected millions of dollars worth of investments and thousands of die-hard “scream-it-from-the-rooftop” fans:

  • Safemoon
  • Shiba Inu
  • Aave
  • Uniswap
  • PancakeSwap
  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • PoolTogether

These projects could have been developed in days, if not weeks. They are very simple in the way they were coded… and it’ll shock you how easy it is that you can replicate these projects.

This technology will explode when we get use cases that merge the world of Web3 with our current thriving platforms. Maybe you’ve already thought of developing something like these in the decentralized space of Web3:

  • Wikipedia
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Clash of Clans
  • Pokemon
  • Squarespace
  • Robinhood
  • Reddit

Do you desire to learn how to get a high-paying Web3 Job?

If you could have a full understanding of the latest Web3 technology… including the tools, resources, and the skills to code, what would you do with it?

For some, Web3 is an escape plan for a looming recession.

For others, it’s the security of a high paying, remote, six-figure job.

For a select few, it’s the dream of creating an application that changes millions of lives.

I’ve had the pleasure to talk to hundreds of people interested in Web3 in the last 11 months.

In fact, my calendar’s been booked for so long, I decided to stop taking consulting calls a few months ago…

In these calls, I’ve been able to pinpoint exactly why people want to learn Web3, and what they want to do in the space. I stopped taking calls so I could build something.

That “something” is finally here…

The Web3 Portfolio Builder Bootcamp

The Web3 Portfolio Builder Bootcamp is a 12 week cohort-based class that is designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to build any dApp imaginable. 

We start small, mastering Ethereum smart contracts first, then we’ll move onto creating beautiful, front-end user experiences that allow our users (aka customers!) to easily interact with our projects. 

By the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll be able to launch and deploy any decentralized application you want… AND you’ll have a portfolio containing all the projects that we are going to build together.

In this Premium Bootcamp, here’s what you’ll get:

  • 12 Weeks of high-quality, easily understandable, and engaging tutorials that are so simple you can almost learn by copying and pasting my code as we build
  • A professional-looking resume that you can show off to your friends, or even better, future employers that are hiring for a highly-paid position
  • Access to me and the other builders in the cohort who are starting where you are and are building together impressive projects as a team
  • Weekly QnA live calls consisting of answering questions from the previous week’s lessons and homework
  • Beautifully custom-designed images that illustrate Web3 ideas better than any other resource out there
  • Pre-written examples of advanced code that you can copy-and-paste to tinker with, without having to do 15 searches on Google to fix
  • Simple and easy walkthrough lessons that you can follow along and complete in under 7 hours a week

Enough hyping up the Bootcamp, what’s the actual ‘meat and potatoes’, the main course, the actual work?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s what some lectures look like:

Why a Portfolio?

To put it simply, the best way to learn something is by actually doing it. 

But way too many coding bootcamps out there spend too much time on theory… and not enough time practicing. This Bootcamp is a “build AS you learn” kinda thing, that way you fully understand what you’re learning. 

Oh, and also, and there’s another bonus: At the end of the 12 weeks, you’ll have a portfolio already built to show off to future employers! What you build during this Bootcamp will make you instantly stand out compared to other Web3 developers, so you can simply use the projects you build WHILE learning as a “look what I’ve done” card. 

Even if you don’t want a job, after this Bootcamp you’ll be able to launch literally any dApp you can think of. Or, you can just use the deep knowledge of smart contracts that you’re going to obtain to help you make safer decisions when investing in a protocol or a token!

Although your portfolio will speak for itself in the eyes of high-paying employers, you’ll also be awarded a certificate upon completing our 12-week Bootcamp and building your portfolio projects.

But there’s one important thing you must keep in mind as you go through this program, and that is: you need to understand each lesson before moving on to the next, so that you can develop your Web3 development skills as fast as humanly possible. Additionally, some of the projects will require team groups (just like in the real world!), that way you’ll be able to improve your abilities to work with various members inside the Bootcamp and create impactful projects together.

Here are some dApps that we’ll build in the bootcamp:

This is a very simple chat application where only holders of the NFT can participate. All messages are stored on the blockchain!
This is an application called “The Button” where each day, the user can click the button and buy a single token. There is a leaderboard for those with the largest token balance.
This is a marketplace dApp where you could sell whatever you want on here, but in this case, I’m selling my two main products: this Web3 Bootcamp, and our WhiteboardCrypto Club

So, if you want a massive advantage in the next 2-3 years, to where you’ll have a deep understanding of how Web3 really works, while most people will just be starting to dip their toes into smart contract development, then the Web3 Portfolio Builder Bootcamp is the right place for you. 

As we dive deeper into the space of Web3, we’ll be able to take a look under the hood, break down, and figure out what truly makes up the core of the most successful Web3 projects and decentralized applications, and shocker: they’re much simpler than you think!

Since applications can be built like Legos, it’s very common to find projects out there that are purely other projects stacked upon each other. If you want to get started while the competition is low, now’s the time to do it, because it’s certainly gaining traction:

Some Bonuses to Make Your Life Easier…

Smart Contract “Swipe” File

When you become a member of the Web3 Portfolio Builder Bootcamp, you’ll have access to our smart contract “Swipe” file, which is a vault of smart contracts that you can copy and paste for your own projects. These are contracts that can be easily deployed in under 3 clicks, and have already been vetted for security vulnerabilities, so they’re safe to just “plug-and-play”.

Capture-The-Flag Tutorials

When it comes to the world of crypto, one of the scariest things for people are vulnerabilities. Fortunately, auditors who are able to find bugs are also the most highly-paid individuals… so I’m putting together some tutorials on a ‘Capture-the-Flag’ series that covers persistent smart contract bugs, how to identify them, and how to fix them. Once you become an expert at spotting these vulnerable areas in your smart contracts, the chances of you landing a high-paying job will skyrocket, since you’ll have the necessary skills to develop dApps that leave no room for easily hackable loopholes in the code. If you’re going to work as a smart contract developer, I would be ashamed to not offer these to you.

Solidity Cheat Sheet

Okay, this was built due to a serious problem I had when developing a project of mine. Long story short, I kept having to google when to use what variable, which ones were better, and how to import another contract – these things were in my search history over 10 times when working on my project. So I got together with my artist and we created a cheat sheet to guide you through the process of learning Solidity. That way, you’ll be able to save countless hours of Googling, and find out exactly what you’re looking for almost instantly.

Web3 Marketing Kit

Since one of the largest problems that most Web3 developers have when launching their projects on the market is the ability to gain eyeballs, I decided to spend a large portion of my time developing a one-of-a-kind tool. What I did was take everything that I’ve learned from growing 2 different Youtube channels to over 500,000 subscribers (and a blog to a million readers) and combine all of my knowledge with the advice of other Web3 marketers. And as a result, we’ve created a marketing kit that includes checklists, tutorials on organic growth, and community-building secrets. The Web3 Marketing Kit is going to be a product of it’s own, but as a member of our Bootcamp, you’ll get it for free, so you can turn your projects into profitable brands without spending months trying to figure out how marketing works from the ground up.

Community of Developers

Once a member, always a member. When you join, you’ll get immediate access to our previous boot camps and our close-knit and friendly community of experienced Web3 developers – who will be more than happy to help you get over common roadblocks or mistakes, share stories from their project-building experiences, and maybe to build a project with you!

Resume Advertising

WhiteboardCrypto has grown to a staggering amount of viewers and readers. We actually have one of the largest email lists in the world of crypto! Due to this, when you finish our Bootcamp, I’ll be offering you a spot on a specific email targeted to those looking to hire developers. It’s basically free advertising to thousands and thousands of employers… all with the WhiteboardCrypto stamp of approval!

What Some Alpha Testers of the Bootcamp Thought:

What our BUILDERS say


I got interested in Web3 earlier this year and initially went down the rabbit hole of what seemed like a random mix of hype, scam artists, exaggeration, misinformation and crypto ‘bro’ culture. I was intrigued by the underlying technology, but could not gather any real knowledge amidst the crypto storm engulfing the internet.

Luckily, I came across the WhiteBoardCrypto YouTube channel which gave me my first taste of what a more formal education in Web3 might look like. When I was subsequently offered a spot on the Web3 bootcamp, I jumped at the chance to delve deeper into the detail presented in the YouTube videos.

The bootcamp offers an introduction to the core programming language of smart contracts, which was very useful to me as someone who plans to build dApps, and as a consumer of the technology. I can now investigate the contracts I am interacting with for myself and don’t have to rely on other people’s advice in what is still a risky financial space.

In addition, I learned to integrate these smart contracts into a slick looking and user-friendly UI, something I feel is currently lacking in the Web3 space (think of some of those DeFi sites that look like they are running on Windows 95!).

I personally did not have any experience with Javascript or CSS, and even though these are Web2 technology, this is something I feel is still necessary to incorporate with Web3. My plan is to start my own business in Web3 in the new year and I am now armed with the tools I need to make this a reality.


Alpha Tester

Cohort 1 EXCLUSIVE Bonus: Memecoin Airdrop

This bonus is a time-sensitive, one-time offer. I’m creating 4 Memecoin tokens, each having a unique feature. When you become a member of this first-cohort group, you’ll be sent your portion of each of these unique tokens during their launch.

“What’s This Gonna Cost?”

When I was creating this program, I literally had you in mind. 

“There’s someone out there who wants to dominate their niche with Web3 technology, but they don’t want to do it alone. They want someone to guide them, support them… and heck, even motivate them to the finish line. They don’t want to make mistakes, and they want a shortcut they can use.” 

This Web3 Portfolio Builder Bootcamp has been designed to be that shortcut. 

I’ve taken other Web3, Solidity, and Decentralized Application programs. In fact, I spent a ton of money taking them to see if they’d work. 

And, unfortunately, they didn’t. 

I was sadly faced with courses that included content that was 3+ years old, creators that no longer wanted to answer my questions, and curriculums that were downright scary to face alone. 

These courses cost me thousands of dollars. They claimed “We’ll help you get a developer job right after you finish, and it’ll all be worth it!”. But in reality, what “helping you get a job” consisted of was them just linking me to a bunch of Web3 job boards. 

If taking those courses are the alternatives to becoming a Web3 developer – a developer that can land a high-paying job or launch their own projects on the market, then I had to build something different… Something better, something more attractive, and something that will ultimately be considered the best Web3 program on the market, so that any person genuinely interested in the space of Web3 could become a deeply skilled and highly-paid Web3 developer.

With that in mind, I have settled on a price that makes sense for the work our team put into this project, and the outcome of what you’ll learn.

And even though by going through our Bootcamp you’ll effectively be marketable to a job within 6 weeks, and have a polished resume within 12 weeks… the price… It’s less than the cost of a single semester at a university and even less than $3500.

In fact, my competition charges thousands of dollars for their courses all day long. You can go check them out right now! They have a good point though, because scoring a $120,000 job with an education that costs only $3500 surely sounds like an amazing deal with a high ROI.

But, that’s not the price you’ll pay though.

Since this is our first “official” cohort, I’m offering a coupon for a few days only. This discount is going to be a grand-slam offer, something that you can’t say no to. 

For this launch, I want to charge a price that makes sense for those serious about diving into the space of Web3. I mean, our Bootcamp is THE Web3 bootcamp to be in right now. We’re going to change the world by building dApps, and if you’re serious about that, I want it to be an easy decision for you, something that you’re overjoyed with in 3 months. You’re probably going to be hearing about some of the developers from our Bootcamp in the next bull run – and you could be one of them!

With that in mind, this Bootcamp isn’t possible without the precious time of our team, the creation of high-quality lessons (including updates to everchanging code), and the expertise that we’ve gained developing this program.

Although the price for the next cohort in March 2023 will be higher than now, many of my developer friends said that pricing the Bootcamp for this launch at $997 would be more than generous – especially with the bonuses I’m throwing in!

However, I’ll be dropping the price right to $497 for a limited time only, then the doors will be closed and locked… and it’ll never be this affordable again.

So now that you’ve seen what you can discover inside the Bootcamp, you could make one of 3 choices:

  1. Procrastinate on making a decision, not taking action, and waking up 2 years later wondering why you didn’t take advantage of the greatest shift of wealth in the history of the Internet.
  1. Trying to learn everything yourself, spending countless hours digging up resources from Google, and ultimately ending up frustrated that you cannot understand why your code is constantly running into bugs.
  1. Enrolling in the Web3 Portfolio Builder Bootcamp, acquiring all the foundational skills you need in order to achieve a high-paying career in this space, and getting the opportunity to build the next famous dApp that millions of people will use in the upcoming era of decentralization.

The choice is yours…

Become a Highly Paid Web3 Dev Today!

  • 12 Premium Weeks of Training That Each End in Building a Tangible Project
  • Immediate Access to a Community of Experienced Developers and Ongoing Support
  • 6 Irresistible Bonuses (Web3 Marketing Plan, Resume Advertising, Capture-The-Flag Series)
  • Cohort v1 EXCLUSIVE Bonus: Experiment Memecoin Airdrop
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Pay with Crypto using our dApp!

Time before the Bootcamp’s doors CLOSE:


I don’t believe in scams. This means we have a 100% money-back refund policy. It’s too bad college doesn’t have that! To receive the refund, you must complete 3 weeks of homework (I give you step-by-step solutions to easily solve the problems). Nevertheless, even if you decide to ask for a refund, you can keep the bonuses! 

Maybe you have some questions?

Do I need previous coding experience?

No, you don’t need previous coding experience, or even computer science knowledge. This Bootcamp is designed to take anyone with a desire to learn about Web3 and give them the necessary knowledge, tools, and skills to be able to build any dApp they wish to create. Previous coding experience will greatly help, but the first 4 weeks will be going over the basics for anyone starting out.

How long is this Bootcamp?

This Bootcamp will be 12 weeks long. For some, the first few weeks will seem slow, and for others it’ll be eye opening.

How much work is required?

If you’re asking this question, you may be in the wrong place. This bootcamp is for builders who aren’t looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. With that being said, this program isn’t meant to wear you thin… It is likely the amount of work required for this class is similar to that of a general college class. Since our Bootcamp is based on Web3 development, you’ll be expected to code, tinker, and if you ever get lost, you are more than welcome to ask your teammates inside the community for guidance along the way.

How much time is required?

The more time the better, but not everyone has an empty schedule. What we suggest is spending at least 6 hours weekly on progressing through the Bootcamp, although 10-15 hours may be required towards the end of the Bootcamp as we’ll dive into more complicated ideas, and we’ll start building apps that are more complex, much larger, and more efficient. If you already know a programming language, it is likely the first few weeks may only take you 2-3 hours.

What will I know after the bootcamp?

You’ll have a solid foundation of how Solidity works, how to create smart contracts, and how to integrate them within interactive websites. You’ll also have an understanding of how to spot vulnerabilities inside any smart contract and how to prevent hackable loopholes inside the code. Many developers proclaim that simply learning how projects work in code gives them a deeper understanding of the Web3 world. Lastly, you’ll gain the confidence of being able to look at your very own portfolio and know that you created a set of valuable contracts and apps by yourself.

Can I learn all this myself?

Yes, theoretically, you could. The stuff in this bootcamp isn’t a mystery, you can find it through various YT videos, the Solidity documentation, and by scouring the web. This bootcamp isn’t meant to show some magical code that isn’t already out there. This bootcamp is designed to jumpstart your Web3 journey by showing you exactly what you need to know to get started. The enrollment will save you hours upon hours of learning for yourself, including costly mistakes. This bootcamp is supposed to make learning how to build Web3 projects fun, quick, and save you time. If you want to do it alone, the hard way, and without help… that’s definitely an option. Our bootcamp is the ‘easy way’.

Do Whiteboard Crypto Club members get a discount?

If you’re a yearly or lifetime member of the club, yes, you get a discount! Send an email to “” to receive your exclusive $200 coupon code. Thanks for supporting what we’re building!

Here’s what some people say about Whiteboard Crypto:

Become a Highly Paid Web3 Dev Today!

  • 12 Premium Weeks of Training That Each End in Building a Tangible Project
  • Immediate Access to a Community of Experience Developers and Ongoing Support
  • 6 Irresistible Bonuses (Web3 Marketing Plan, Resume Advertising, and Capture-The-Flag Series)
  • Cohort v1 EXCLUSIVE Bonus: Experiment Memecoin Airdrop
  • 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

Pay with Crypto using our dApp!

Time before the Bootcamp’s doors CLOSE:

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